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We give you the games, you shape the community

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MR BizWeb

MR BizWeb LTD was founded 15th April 2011 by William A Ritchie and Shaun Masterton.

The name of business is actually a abbreviated version off the phrase "Masterton/Ritchie Business Web design", as web design was initially the area MRBW operated in. The plan was to provide affordable opportunities for local businesses to get there business on the web, but have control over how there business site was done.

However, due to 20+ design companies in our local area and social media, it became difficult to consistently receive design orders to allow growth in our business.

Therefore the decision was made in 2014 to pursue a new opportunity that would take us into the gaming industry, this opportunity was WrestleStarz.

The design is out of our full business name, we are now a business on the web, that wants to give you games, that you control.


WrestleStarz - Role Playing Game


Interactive web game that allows you to venture into a wrestling world controlled by you and your friends.

With a variety of many choices, you can pick and choose the type of wrestler you are, be a loner that walks alone and dominates the single wrestler rankings, or team up with a friend and dominate the tag team scene. Maybe you are so popular you can team up with 6 friends and attempt to survive the 7 vs, 7 stable scene.

With many awards and rankings, there is much to aim for and much to achieve, but there is plenty room and features to allow for in-depth wrestling story-lines. Use your own registered wrestling company to act out story-lines , or do it in someone's else company.

With many features designed to accommodate those that want to story-line, or those that just want to be number 1 in a variety of rankings. WrestleStarz is the place to be to make a name for the wrestler, you have always imagined yourself being.